MUB Board is made up of five committees that each have a separate focus, so there is something for everyone!

Our 5 committees collectively host 35+ events a year. These events range widely in interests which is where our different committees are beneficial. By having specified committees we ensure that each event is planned and carried out as best as it can be. Each spring, members from each committee attend a conference that showcases hundreds of different acts available to bring to campus. Each event is then budgeted, planned, and contracted a semester in advance.

Our Music and Variety committee focuses their events on performers such as comedians, magicians, concerts, and even hypnotists while our Arts and Leisure committee might focus there events on things such as painting, crafting, and general stress relievers. The Fun & Games committee will host events with the focus of team play and competition while the Special Events committee will host large events on campus as well as any other event that doesn’t fall into the focus of another committee. Finally, our fantastic Marketing committee creates the amazing promotional material for all of MUB’s events.

Our Committees

  • Fun and Games
    • Arts and Leisure
      • Music and Variety
        • Special Events
          • Marketing